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Welcome to my FREE online course on the Wheel of the Year! In this year long adventure, we’ll follow along as the wheel turns to each of the eight seasonal celebrations on the Wheel of the Year, learning about the rich histories, traditions, and spiritual significance of the holidays. As a journey in nature-based spirituality and self development, we’ll be journalling through the process so that we can look back on the foundations of the meaningful seasonal traditions we form as we go along!

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If you’ve considered studying a Pagan or Earth-based spirituality path, chances are you’ve heard of the term “year and a day.” Ironically, I didn’t learn the significance of this term until I was already half way through my “year and a day” journey! The concept is very simple, but in case this is the first you’re hearing of it, allow me to give you my spin on it!
What is a “year and a day” study?
    Generally speaking, the “year and a day” rule refers to the common practice in Western cultures of making something “official” after a full year of consistent status. For example, in some traditional cultures, a couple were considered man and wife after a year and a day of domestic partnership. It basically just legitimizes something after a year of putting it into practice. A solid year is a fair amount of time to learn the basics of a new lifestyle choice, and to confirm that its the right path for you… or at least decide whether or not to continue your studies in that area.
    You may hear the term “year and a day” a lot in the Pagan/New Age community, and for good reason… These days, its easy to start a Pinterest board about magic and watch a handful of videos on Youtube about Paganism and suddenly proclaim yourself a “witch.” Lets face it, witchcraft is trendy right now, and its important to know the ins and outs of any spiritual path and understand the role it plays in your life before throwing a label on yourself.    The Year and a Day study in paganism is a perfect opportunity to learn about the path, not only because of the above mentioned reasons, but also because modern nature-based spirituality tends to revolve around the Earth… literally by celebrating the orbit of the Earth around The Sun. A basic experiential understanding of neo-paganism usually begins with the Wheel of the Year.
What is the Wheel of the Year?

The Wheel of the Year is the circular calendar used by many neo-pagans and nature-based spiritualists. It divides the year into eight parts; the Summer and Winter Solstices, the Autumn and Spring Equinoxes, and four “cross-quarter” days in between each.

    In popular culture, Halloween, Christmas, and Easter are the well-known seasonal holidays, but its believed that those three days have their roots in this wheel as “Samhain,” “Yule,” and “Ostara.” There is a whole world of history and culture to be found when we read deeper into the meanings of those holidays as well as the remaining five which tend to go unnoticed.

How The Year and a Day Journey Can Change Your Life

    These days, a lot of us search for spirituality in nature, but in our busy lives, it can be difficult to actually get grounded and centered in nature-based spirituality. Because most of us have the luxury of purchasing our food and shelter, we’re not as connected as our ancestors were to the natural cycles of nature that actually keep us all alive. When we go back to the roots of all civilizations, we find agriculture and Sun veneration, which are exactly what the Wheel of the Year and its seasonal holidays teach us to honor.

    If you’re yearning to find your place in the Universe, to fall into a natural rhythm with the Earth, and to understand the basic cycles of life that are the root of all things both magical and mundane, then I highly recommend taking a Year and a Day Journey. Following along the Wheel of the Year and balancing study with experience is the best way to learn your place in the circle of life, and to add meaning and a deeper spirituality to your seasonal celebrations!

I started my Year and a Day study at the Autumn Equinox of 2014, without even knowing what I was getting myself into! A year later, I achieved a sense of peace and understanding that I’m sure would not have been possible otherwise. It’s completely changed my outlook on life and has even inspired me to make successful career moves which have opened doors into unexpected blessings and abundance!

 In this free online video course, we’ll be following along the circular calendar and learning to journal our way through the Year and a Day journey, getting to know the Earth and Sun, as well as know thy self… As above, so below! Enjoy!

A Year and a Day: Your Journey Through the Seasons Course Introduction


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