Tarot Readings


What is the Purpose of a Tarot Card Reading?

In stories and movies, often we are told that the Tarot is a mysterious method used by Gypsy fortune tellers to predict shocking events in our future, trapping us into a future we cannot change… In my view of the Tarot, that could not be farther from the truth!

The true purpose of the Tarot is to Know Thyself. In my modern method of using the Tarot for personal development, I lay out the cards with one simple objective: to gain insight into the subconscious mind and thereby understand the hidden desires, fears, and intentions that may be silently steering one’s life.

I do not believe in any “fixed” future. What I do believe in is the Law of Attraction. At any given moment, each of us is emitting a frequency that resonates with what we think, feel, and express, both consciously and subconsciously. For my practice, the Tarot is used in a similar way to those ink blot paintings we see psychologists using. At the time of a reading, we attract a set of cards to us based on our current vibration. By peering into the themes occupying our subconscious mind at the present moment, we gain the power to consciously take the wheel and work with those themes to steer the direction of our life.

Choose from Two Spread Options:


The Celtic Cross Spread $29

The Celtic Cross spread is a very in-depth snapshot of your life at the time of the reading. Whether you’d like insight into a particular aspect of your life, or an overall analysis of where you are along your path, this spread will provide a thorough examination of your present situation.

The ten cards in the Celtic Cross spread correspond with ten aspects of your present experience. The cross in the center of the spread represents the crossroads you are at, where different concepts of your development are playing off of each other to create the potential for a new learning experience. The other card positions provide insight into how you got to where you are now, where you may be headed, and how you can empower yourself to choose which path to take for your highest good. You will gain a deeper understanding of how all the elements of your life are connected, and receive innovative ideas on how you can use your perceived strengths and weaknesses to step into your fullest potential and serve your own best intentions and your soul’s higher evolution.

Elemental Spread

The Elemental Spread $15

The five card Elemental Spread is a simpler and more thrify option which also focuses on the various aspects of your life. Rather than looking at past present and future influences like the Celtic Cross, the Elemental spread draws a card for each of the five vital elements in your present experience: Earth represents your physical world of finances, food, clothing, shelter, security, health and family life. Air represents your state of mind, decision making, beliefs, thoughts, and ideas. Fire represents your passion, drive, ambition, motivation, intentions, and action to make things happen. Water represents your emotions and spiritual inspirations; matters of the heart. The big element here is Spirit, which represents the main objective in your soul’s current state of evolution. This reading will provide you with the insight to balance your lifestyle to be in alignment with your highest good at this phase of your life.

How I Perform Your Reading


When you contact me for a reading, I’ll first ask you whether you have a specific question, or if you’d simply like a “Chapter Update” to get a general understanding of where you’re at in life right now. Any information you’d like to share with me via email to  provide insight into your present experience will be extremely helpful to put your cards into context as I perform your reading and write up your analysis. Once we’re acquainted, I’ll then schedule your session and perform your reading.

When you purchase a reading from me, you are investing in an in-depth personal meditation in which I set aside quiet time in my ritual space to perform on your behalf. I leave my own mundane life at the door and create a spiritual vacuum in which I ground and center my energy. I then ask my Higher Self to contact your Higher Self so that together we can channel your highest calling and manifest the right cards for your reading. I’ll take in-depth note of my intuitions about the spread as a whole, as well as a complete analysis of each of the card positions, finally wrapping it all up in the end with an overall piece of advice on how to move forward.

How You Will Receive Your Reading (Two Options)

Option 1: PDF file


After completing your reading and exiting the ritual space, I’ll then proceed to type up my notes into a word document, accompanied by photographs of your whole spread as well each card position from your spread. This will be submitted to you via email as a 5-12 page PDF document. I encourage you to reply, sharing your thoughts on the reading itself, as well as your critique of my reading style. I’m always learning more about the Tarot from opinions and ideas presented by clients like you!

Option 2: Video/Audio File (NEW!)

Now, you can request your reading to be conducted on camera! Rather than using Automatic Writing to type up your results, with this option, I’m able to talk right to you as I’m making my first impressions of your cards! I’ll turn each card over and narrate my intuitions as the spread unfolds before our eyes. Then, I’ll go back through each individual card and give an in-depth analysis, summing it all up at the end with a recap and an inspiring message on how to move forward!


I require payment in full after your free consultation and before adding your reading to my schedule. All payments are conducted through PayPal. No refunds are offered, but you are always welcome to email me if you have any further questions about your reading. I love to chat and help you understand your cards fully!






“I have had my palm read, handwriting analyzed, and my past lives looked at, but this was my first tarot reading. I was extremely thrilled to have it done by Afura. She more than answered my question. She totally nailed all the feelings I am having.  The more amazing part is that she brought to light feelings that were totally buried or that I had chosen to ignore. After reading it the first time, I had to sit and let my spirit process it. I was speechless. It was more than I ever could have imagined it to be.  Absolutely gorgeous pictures  of the cards accompanied the reading.  The descriptions and explanations were easy to understand and very detailed. The message was delivered with such kindness and compassion. I can’t say enough great things about it.  I think you just have to experience one to understand. This was my first one, but I absolutely know it will not be my last.”      -Tara


After a warm and helpful consultation, Afura brought some much needed clarity. I felt very confident about the guidance she gave for what I needed to keep the reading focused on. It was interesting to see what cards came up in the tarot spread! The insight she brought really helped me understand the meaning to each card and how it applied to me. The pictures included were beautiful and I loved the setting on which she did the reading! The summary was great and really brought it all together. I would highly recommend having a reading done with Afura; I definitely look forward to my next one! I feel renewed and empowered. Truly a great experience 🙂


“This was my first tarot reading, and I can’t imagine a better person to give it than Afura. Her interpretations of the cards were thorough, intuitive and enlightening, and presented in a beautiful format.”

evie 1

I have been amazed at how the cards have helped me to see things  from a different perspective. The reading has given  me quite a bit to meditate on and many new insights as to how best I can deal with my current situation. I also liked the simplicity of the reading. It was easy to read the information and take each card and meditate upon it for a few days. I liked the overall advice that Afura gave after explaining each card’s message. The reading was very encouraging. I highly recommend having a reading from Afura for yourself or as a gift to a friend.

nikkol 1

Afura’s reading was spot on for my question. Her reading guided me where I felt I needed to proceed and how to get there. Afura was clear and specific on the reading and I would definitely do it again!

sheena 1

I received a lovely reading. She picked up on things I didn’t really pay attention to about myself. In most cases, with other readers I get information that seems standard. Her reading was detailed and she explained everything. Afura even pulled extra cards to get a better viewing of my question. I would definitely recommend her services.