Radiant Reviews


What a unique and lovely item I have to look at every day! I can feel the love and care that went into every page. I proudly display my journal next to my bed and get compliments whenever someone new comes over! It’s my special journal for my hopes, dreams, and thoughts. Since those are so special to me, I couldn’t write in anything less than special! Thank you Afura, you are wonderful! Janie Bergamasco, Texas
“My Fairy Tale Journal is PURE MAGIC!! The energy from cover to cover is amazing! I love that it is clearly created from a place of Love and high vibration. I took it for a photo shoot at the beach and I am very happy with the pictures. Exciting things are just waiting to be written on these gorgeous pages!! I am grateful for your vision in creating this beautiful journal … it feels like you created it just for me!!” -Aeriana Blue, Maine http://www.AerianaBlue.com
“Oh my, I don’t know where to begin. My Once Upon a Time Journal arrived today. I felt like I was stepping back in time to a Magical Place when I unwrapped it. It looks like something you would find in an old long forgotten trunk in the attic, a journal handmade in an era when that is how books and journals were made. The cover is beautiful and it sparkles. Upon opening, the pages sound like rustling leaves. Each page is embellished around the edges with a boarder. Most also have a castle, a fairy, mermaids, unicorns and even a pirate ship. There are faint tinges of color on the pages in varying colors. If you are looking for a Magical Journal where you can write what is in your heart and soul this is for you.” -Barbara Flaherty, Hawaii
“I am in love with my Gypsy Book of Secrets. I can really tell that love and care went into every page. When I open it,I swear it calls to me, “create, love, be happy. Your secrets are safe within these bindings.” Thank you Afura for the amazing magical record keeper. Love as thou wilt!” Breena Kimber, Oklahoma