Manifesting With The Wheel Of The Year 1:1 program

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You KNOW the cycles of the Universe are designed to aid you in developing into your highest self…

But you’re SO OVER trying to force your spiritual practice into the mold of complicated or cookie-cutter “spiritual” traditions…

So, what’s the missing link?


Each of us needs to learn how to read the Universal Clock ourselves, and design our own unique self-development practice based on our OWN Highest Truth!

You’re totally enamored with the idea of living by the Sun and Earth; of manifesting your goals like the magickal, powerful creator that you know you’re truly meant to be…

But between all the Pinterest info-graphics, Wiccan hub page articles, and weekly astrology forecasts, you feel like you’re floundering in a sea of spiritual overwhelm! Trust me. I know. I’ve been there!


Does this sound like you?

  • You want to manifest your dream life in alignment with the Universal Clock, but you don’t know the “formula,” and all you get from books and articles is mythological mumbo-jumbo.
  • You don’t resonate with what astrologers are telling you about the cycles of the Universe, and feel powerless to interpret them for yourself.
  • You go through the motions of “manifestation,” but don’t see the results you desire.
  • You have a hard time trusting your intuition, or are losing faith in the Universe.
  • You feel overwhelmed with “spiritual” information overload.
  • You know you are MAGICK, but don’t resonate fully with any of the established spiritual or magickal systems.
  • You want to live a genuinely spiritual lifestyle every day, but don’t have a sense of direction.
  • You have seasonal depression, or feel disconnected from your natural environment.
  • Your spiritual practice and your “mundane” life feel totally disconnected, and your job, relationships, and daily life feel out of alignment from your higher calling.
  • You feel disconnected from the true purpose of your life. 

Well, does this sound like you? …’Cause it sounds like me, about 3 years ago!


Well, what if I told you there’s a better way?

  • What if you could wake up every day, knowing that your daily lifestyle and your magickal path were one and the same?

  • Imagine how good it would feel to walk your path, manifesting your desires with the wisdom of the seasons in accordance with YOUR OWN highest truth!

  • What if I told you that all the guidance you need to reach your spiritual goals AND your “real life” goals is already inside you, just because you, yourself are a sacred expression of nature?


Well, it’s true!

You are not just a “student” of the magickal path. As a human being, you are part of Mother Earth, and you ARE magick! 

All you need is a simple seasonal practice to naturally awaken your manifesting power!


How I found my Magick

Once upon a time, I was “lost” along my magickal path, and disconnected from my life’s purpose. I’d had my “spiritual awakening,” and was determined to live my Highest Truth… But I had no sense of direction.

I was going through the motions of a spiritual life, and yet, my everyday existence didn’t seem to be benefiting enough from it. Worst of all, I didn’t feel aligned with my true purpose.

One day, something inside me told me to pause and just observe what was going on in nature.

I had been too “busy being busy” to remember the simplicity of honoring nature!

I discovered the Wheel of the Year and decided to go on my own “Year and a Day” journey.

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My soul yearned to feel intrinsically connected to this age old universal truth.

Something deep within me KNEW that this astronomical chart of Solstices, Equinoxes, and cross-quarter days held the key to my spiritual and self-development path…

If only I could get past all the mythology and discover the core truth of it!

The Secret to Seasonal Alignment

I’ve finally boiled it down to a simple formula that has nothing to do with dogmatic traditions, and everything to do with universal flow!

When we put all the mysticism aside, what we’re left with is a basic framework that is the direct result of the dance between the Sun and the Earth!

Rather than superimposing confusing mythology and dogmatic traditions over it, I’ve discovered how to work with the core energies of each season to walk hand in hand with the natural cycle of life!

Living my Highest Truth

After discovering the hidden message of the Wheel of the Year, my life has naturally evolved into the one I’m truly meant to be living!

By aligning both my “spiritual” practice, and my life goals with this natural rhythm, I’ve found my flow and have a strong sense of direction in life! 

I’ve used the wisdom of the seasons to manifest what I truly desired, and release what no longer serves me.

I’ve received the faith and trust in myself and in the Universe to quit my old job that had felt so out of alignment with my purpose.

I’ve gone through a series of epiphanies that led to me discovering how my creative talents could be alchemized into my now successful creative business!

I’ve overcome my seasonal depression, and can now truly see the sacred union of every season in its time, using each phase of the year as a guide for my own personal development.

I have now sculpted what used to feel like fragmented areas of my life into that “interconnected” flow of abundance that I had always desired. I can now honestly say that I am living my true purpose…

And I want you to know, first hand, just how amazing it feels!

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My Signature Year and a Day 1:1 Program to Align Your Goals With the Universal Clock!

You’re ready to walk the path of the seasons and use the energetic cycle of the Sun and Earth to manifest your Highest Calling in the real world!

It’s finally time for your “spiritual” path and your life goals to join together to create real, tangible abundance in your everyday experience!

This program is right for you if you’re ready to start living this life:
  • You are implementing your unique gifts to better your life, and inspiring others to live a better life as well.
  • Your spiritual journey and everyday life complement one another in perfect harmony.
  • You understand how to align your intentions and actions with the seasonal energies to manifest your desires in real life!
  • Your spiritual/self development practice feels totally genuine, because it is perfectly tailored to suit your own highest truth.
  • You are fully connected to your intuition, and feel confident in your decisions.
  • You see the direct connection between your human journey and the cycles of nature, and enjoy the value of every season in its time.
  • You have a deep connection to Self, and bring that positive energy into your  career, projects, and relationships.
  • You have a clear road map for each year of your life.
  • You are in a natural flow of giving and receiving; of accepting and releasing energies in your life.
  • Everything in your life feels interconnected, and in sync.
  • You are living out your true purpose, and receiving the abundance you deserve from the Universe!

Lets manifest your most magickal year yet!

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Here’s what this program includes:


A full year of fully guided support for manifesting your unique goals.

Get ready to finally combine your spiritual path with your real life intentions! Time to start manifesting with the seasons! The key to finding your true calling in life is aligning your personal goals with the 8 seasonal checkpoints on the Wheel of the Year! You will have email and audio recording access to me for any and all questions you may have between our 1:1 calls!

For each step in the year-long process, you will learn how to plant, tend, and harvest your goals in alignment with the seasonal energies! I will help you to do that in a way that totally resonates with your own Highest Truth!


The 10 Key Chapter Guides to Re-Write Your Story and Step Into Your Power.

I have dug deep into the energies of each seasonal checkpoint, and designed a beautifully crafted digital workbook for you to fill in with your personal truths! This series of modules includes introductions to each of the checkpoints, a worksheet to declare your intentions for each season, and deeply insightful journal prompts to help you awaken your own personal connection with the energies of each spoke on the Wheel of the Year. 

Using these tools, you will learn how your personal development is perfectly aided by the natural rhythms of the Universe, and will be guided to make powerful decisions to embody your best self!

*You also have the option of adding on a handcrafted binder style book of shadows and my full package of BOS pages and hard copes of the journal prompts!


8 Seasonal One on One Calls and 8 Tarot Card Readings to Stay Connected to Your Higher Self

My seasonal Tarot card readings are designed to paint a picture of what energies are afoot in your life, and guide you to make the decisions which will align your life with the path of your highest calling! We will schedule your coaching calls and readings for the most powerful times in your year, and you will receive your readings via video!


8 Customized Rituals to Design Your Own Seasonal Traditions

Are you tired of other people trying to tell you that rituals have to be repeated word-for-word out of some book?

But you’d still like some fun and powerful ideas to inspire your own unique practice and move you toward your real life goals?

Well, don’t worry! I got you covered! We’ll talk about which “magickal” tools, practices, and ingredients resonate most with you at each time of the year, and what they mean TO YOU! Then we’ll craft a ritual for each seasonal checkpoint that triggers your brain into manifestation mode!


Access to all of the learning materials I’ve created for School of Seasonal Secrets (group coaching program)


10 Educational Videos to Inspire Your Journey

This Wheel of the Year program is not like others you may have heard about. It focuses mainly on the universal energies of each season, and how to use that energetic formula to create positive change in your own unique life… However! Who doesn’t love some fun historical, mythological, and philosophical mumbo-jumbo too?

In this video series, we’ll explore how this knowledge has been used throughout the ages in the cultures of our ancestors.

Private Facebook Group to Meet Your Tribe!

We all deserve the endless benefits of communing with like-minded souls! We’ll use this private group to tell our stories, share our ideas, and hold one another accountable for accomplishing our goals! This is also a great place to share and discuss Wheel of the Year topics, articles, videos, and books that we happen upon along the way.

This group is separate from the regular GypsyWytch Tribe group page! This exclusive group is where you’ll be able to access me for questions, discussions, and suggestions throughout the year!

We’re all on our own unique journeys, and this group is where our paths converge!

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If you’ve made it this far down this long winded page, I’ll bet this is all resonating with you on a deep level!

You’re probably SO ready to connect with me to chat about how this program will be tailored to help you overcome your personal challenges and achieve your biggest goals this year!

So that you are receiving my highest and best energy, I’m only accepting a small number of clients for 1:1 goal coaching this year! Claim your spot today and let the journey begin!

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Still got some questions about what this package will do for you in your journey to your Highest Path?

Are you still wondering if this program is truly right for you?

Trust me, your most magickal year yet, and the life skills you’ll gain from it are 100% worth your investment!

Lets schedule your FREE 30 minute seasonal assessment call, where we’ll talk about your path and your goals, and discuss how I support my clients to awaken their magick and step into their most empowered life path!

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What will my life look like after this Manifesting With The Wheel Of The Year Guided 1:1 Journey?

Great question! This program is fun and includes lots of great learning materials, but you will truly get the MOST value by implementing the soulful lessons!

By fully saying YES to this evolutionary journey, putting your heart and soul into your journal entries, participating in our active community, and committing to taking action to step into the role of your Highest Self, you will raise your vibration and begin manifesting the life of your dreams immediately!


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Take inspired action on your dream life and sign up to save your spot now, or contact me for your totally free discovery call, and lets get you on the road to your most magickal year yet!

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