About Afura & GypsyWytch Diaries


As a little girl, I always knew I had a gift. Even during the first months, I was often seen staring gravely at my hands, examining them front to back, as if in awe of what they might some day create. When I found I was able to wrap my fingers around a pencil, I began mediating between the “real” world and the realms of imagination; a translator between fantasy and reality. Worlds began to spill from the paintbrush, and Universes emerged from the pen.

But they told me that magic wasn’t real, that the faerie world was something only to be enjoyed in storybooks, and never to be confused with spirituality. The real world was a serious place, and in a time of crisis on Earth, there wouldn’t be a purpose for artists and dreamers. A dark cloud rolled in and cast a shadow over the floating castles of my childhood. A rift began to emerge, a great divide, separating my inner truth from my daily mask. The magic faded to blacks and grays, but never disappeared completely…

Before I knew it, it was already time to be a grownup, and the only way to survive in the real world seemed to be harden my expression, to change my disguise and compete for the last crumb of bread. It was sink or swim, and the one who was the best at putting aside ones dreams was always the one to get the job. Just when it seemed I’d begun to succeed at surviving in the real world, a beautiful thing happened… I failed.


Magick has a funny way of calling us back when we begin to lose our way, and I remembered that I was never meant to “survive in the real world”… I was always meant to thrive in a world of enchantment… so I decided to create one. I’d had the power in my hands all along to alchemize the magical realm into the physical, to turn trash into treasure, and to offer it as a gift to anyone with the Sight to see the magick.

When finally I shook off the glamour and revealed myself as the natural witch, the fairy queen I’d hidden away, I discovered to My great delight that the real world needed my gifts after all, and welcomed me with open arms and an ironic smile.

    Oddsoul Designs is a Buffalo NY based graphic arts brand owned and operated by Afura Fareed. Services include graphic design, custom illustration and digital marketing materials for new age businesses and personal brands.

    I also offer original artwork and handcrafted home goods for the witchy lifestyle at my online store.

The GypsyWytch Diaries are my  handcrafted books of shadows, spiritual journals designed to keep magick and imagination part of your daily practice. “GypsyWytch Diaries” is also the title of my magickal lifestyle blog.


August 2015… The Stars Align and the Elements Come Together
to Create Real Magick…

    I’ve been an artist all my life, and had been a professional freelancer for a couple of years before reaching this breakthrough. While I’d tried my hand at practically every art form, I’d become known for my graphic design and illustration work for clients. I loved what I was doing to support my peers with promotional materials, but I never felt complete just being commissioned for the artistic requests of others. What really feeds my soul is to lose myself in the magic of the present moment, creating objects that become artifacts of my love for the art form; To infuse a part of myself into a piece of art, out of love for being an artist… without necessarily seeking the approval of a particular client’s vision.

The challenge was to fuse that passion with an ability to earn a living doing what I love. In the past, it seemed that my passion was too scattered; a jack of all trades, master of none. I wanted to illustrate, and do graphic design, and work with my hands, and have a real world utilitarian purpose for the finished pieces. I wanted my work to sustain me as well as be useful in the growth and development of others who relate to them… It was like a riddle that I knew, once solved, would be the answer to LIFE… But I just couldn’t seem to get it together!

I was also always a writer. I used to keep a diary “religiously” as a child and teenager, but as the demands of adult life began to pile up, my time and inspiration for writing began to dwindle, causing me to feel less connected to my inner child. I kept trying to tie writing into my spiritual practice, which was helpful. But my entries were few and far between, and were scattered about different notebooks and papers.

I can hardly believe it took as long as it did for the puzzle pieces to come together, but I reached a major breakthrough in the summer of 2015, which proved to be the biggest turning point in my freelance career. I happened upon a tutorial for aged parchment, and it was like the stars aligned in the heavens, and as above, so below. It suddenly clicked for me. I’d made books before, but it had never occurred to me how powerful a tool that skill could become in building my brand. Over the years, I’d collected all the right skills to specialize in handcrafted journals, but it wasn’t until I was in the right head space that I could see the value in this possibility.

So many doors of opportunity opened up to me once I learned how many modern witches are using the “book of shadows” concept in ways that are meaningful to them. Anyone can keep a diary, art journal, cook book or scrap book, filled with creative passion and beauty. Once this occurred to me, I immediately began putting more creativity into my own journal, and I could tell right away that this was right where I needed to be, spiritually, artistically, and professionally. For the first time, I can say I really feel like I’ve found my calling, and words can hardly describe how fulfilling that is!

Learn more about how you can experience the magick of GypsyWytch Diaries in your own craft here!