The Fool’s Journey: Card 10 Wheel of Fortune


Welcome back to The Fool’s Journey! Today’s Tarot lesson is all about the great mystery of life. We as humans like to believe we’re in control of some things, but we can’t call ALL of the shots in our life, because we are subject to Universal laws and cycles of motion that are beyond our scope to understand. The Wheel of Fortune is a depiction of what it feels like to “just not know” how things are going to end up.

Thanks for watching! Got any epic knowledge to share about the Wheel of Fortune card? Please share your perspective in the comment section below, and keep an eye out for our journal entry, coming at your inbox!

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One thought on “The Fool’s Journey: Card 10 Wheel of Fortune

  1. As you said Afura, there is a lot going on in this card and I really have no clue about the meaning of the symbolism within the wheel. Adding to what you said I looked at the serpent which is a sign of good as well as evil, so I wondered how might this apply in a reading? I see the 4 books the signs of the Zodiac are reading and it hits me that they are the Books of Life, the life of the person getting the reading. Since this is the Wheel of Fortune, and we have no idea what that fortune is, this is what I think. What has your life been like up to this point on your journey in life? Have you been a relatively “good” person, honest, considerate of others, helpful etc. How you are living is written in your book of life. So, depending on the kind of life you are living the Wheel of Fortune may be a Wheel of “Fortune” or of “Misfortune so to speak. It may be a wakeup call to someone that they need to change how they are traveling through life. I guess this sounds off the wall and I know I’m not explaining it very well but hopefully you understand what I am trying to say.

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