The Fool’s Journey: Card 7 The Chariot


Welcome back to The Fool’s Journey! Today’s video is all about The Chariot! The Chariot card represents a journey of self-discovery. On this mystical quest, we challenge the Universe to teach us the lessons we need to know through personal experience. We leave the “classroom” of esoteric theory and spiritual belief and take what we think we “know” about life on a field trip! Time to get our hands dirty, so to speak, and put our beliefs to the test in a new and exciting way! Enjoy!

Thanks for watching! We touched on a lot of aspects of this card’s symbolism, but there’s always more to discover! If you have any ideas to share, please do submit a comment below and enlighten us with your unique perspective!

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4 thoughts on “The Fool’s Journey: Card 7 The Chariot

    1. Thanks! It’s funny, I never had a problem hearing the other videos, but I did get a new editing program which I like better in general, so I’m glad to hear it improved the quality for those who noticed the difference!


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