The Fool’s Journey Segment 8: Card 4 The Emperor


In the last segment, we went into depth on the rich, lush imagery of card #3 The Empress. In this video, we’ll discuss her companion and polar opposite, The Emperor. While these two images may seem as different as day and night, when we read into the symbolism of the four elements, we discover that they actually compliment one another perfectly!

side by side

Here are the two cards side by side. Notice the Venus symbol on her throne, while his throne depicts the ram, the symbol for Aries in the Zodiac, which is ruled by Mars. In this video, we’ll toss around some ideas about how these cards allude to the whole “men are from Mars, women are from Venus” thing, as well as look into how earth, air, fire, and water play off of each other in this duo. Enjoy!

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7 thoughts on “The Fool’s Journey Segment 8: Card 4 The Emperor

  1. The sky, her hair, the collar of her dress and scepter are orange, the color of the sacral chakra which to me represents her passion, creativity and sexuality. When I look at her I see grace, beauty and a softness but there is also a strength behind the softness. The stars in her crown also say that to get what we desire we must reach for the stars and not let anyone tell us we can’t.

    The trees in the background are tall and stately and seem rather masculine but there is a lone tree in front of them which is full with leaves. In Numerology the #1 is the number of creation, the primal force that all other numbers come from. The shape of the number reflects its meaning. It walks upright with pride and purpose. It is strong, determined and can turn dreams and ideas into reality. The #1 directs and lead others. This describes the Empress perfectly.


    1. This is a great insight into the symbolism of the Empress! Linking the colors to the chakras is always an interesting way of reading the cards! Hopefully others will read your comment and get some ideas from it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


  2. As I was coloring the Emperor I noticed he was holding something round in his left hand which, as I discovered is a globe. This tells me that not only is he a ruler but a protector of the land and his people. The small amount of snow on the mountains and the stream behind him tells me that he rules with compassion even though he is strong and powerful. His white beard tells me he is not young and new to this power but has the age and wisdom of one who has lived a long life and so rules wisely. The red and blue jewels in his crown could be rubies and sapphires which signify his wealth.

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    1. Hmm, I was wondering what people’s interpretations were of what object he was holding. You say its a globe! Interesting concept!


      1. I have the Pictorial Key to the Tarot by Arthur Edward Waite. In the description he says that is what it is. Had I not been coloring I may have over looked it. I was happy to see there was something about it in the book.


  3. Great insights I was also thinking if you were to see both the emperor and empress in a reading it may be a message of seeking unification as well despite your differences just a thought 🙂

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