The Fool’s Journey Segment 5: Card #1 The Magician


Welcome back to The Fool’s Journey! In today’s video, we’re talking about my dude, The Magician! He’s one of my very favorite characters of the Tarot, because he represents a Witch or Wizard; someone who takes energetic responsibility for the direction of their life. He uses the tools of the Tarot the way witches and pagans use altar symbols to represent the natural elements of our world.



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Happy journaling everyone! If you’d like to do some more research on The Magician, or any other Tarot concepts, have a look at our Pinterest board!


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Until next time, blessed be!


4 thoughts on “The Fool’s Journey Segment 5: Card #1 The Magician

  1. The Magician is a great inspiration. I have translated to myself that when you say he takes responsibility, that he is also taking control over what he can control. This is huge! Most complaining and grumbling comes from the fact that we human beings have to blame something or someone for things that we cannot control. This seems to be a terrible pattern we weave. Our focus is on others, the large picture of our skewed perception and ultimately the negative thought that the World seems to be against us. This is really no peace within ourselves and no trust in ourselves and Life. The Magician knows what he can control, knows what he can do and uses ALL the tools, elements and resources to make his world his own and leave the rest to Life. Life is uncontrollable, chaotic and spontaneous. This is something we can always count on and something that the wise Magician knows all too well. He can control his world and he does WITH BOTH HANDS. Really, with his entire Body and Spirit! This is such a beautiful thing! When you have that peace where you are being the best YOU you can be, that is your only focus. Everything else comes and will come, but YOU stay in control. Master You and be the Master of your world. Trust in you and in the cycles of Life. We all have to Master our path. This Fool’s Journey is going to be a Great Adventure!


    1. I agree! That’s an aspect of the Magician that we don’t always think of right away, but its important to keep in mind that its about our attitude toward co-creating with the universe!


  2. As you have suggested as I sat coloring the Magician in the book I used my intuition to see if I could “see” more. It came to me that the flowers growing were specific kinds of flower and colors. The red rose increases motivation and the white lily is a promise of hope and life. I thought about this as you said the Magician is the future self of the Fool and has traveled this journey many times. The flowers make sense. He needs the motivation so he can continue to move forward and that with each new challenge he has the hope that he is on the right path and all will be well. This is also carried out further in the colors he is wearing, red and white which to me means he embodies those qualities.

    The infinity symbol is never ending and is also a symbol of abundance so if he keeps on the right path he will always have what he needs.

    Then I noticed there were carvings on the side of the table. One is a bird, one I can’t make out and the other is either a mountain range or the ocean. Whatever it is, I see this to mean that the Magician will always continue to take “flight”/move forward where ever his life takes him and that he posses the Magic to create his futures.

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    1. Good observation! I’ve kind of always wanted to learn more about flower symbolism. Maybe some day! Thanks for sharing your great ideas! Blessings!


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