The Fool’s Journey Video 4: The Fool


Hey there Tarot junkies! I hope you’re all getting really excited to jump right into our study of the Major Arcana! In today’s video, we’re going to get up close and personal with the first card in the deck, The Fool! So lets get down to business, shall we? If you’re just joining us, I suggest you first check out the three introductory videos before moving on to studying each individual card. So far, we’ve already covered

1) How the Tarot works,

2) Where the Tarot comes from and

3) How the deck is structured.

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Allow me to introduce you to yourself: The Fool!

No, I’m not trying to insult you in an old school 1970s kind of way… In Tarot terms, “playing the fool” is what we do every time we’re going out on a limb to experience a new adventure! Today, we begin our exciting journey into the world of the Major Arcana, starting with this guy right here:


In this little video, we’ll get acquainted with The Fool, explore some of the major symbols in the background and foreground of the image, and get our hands dirty with our first journal prompt! Plus! Stay tuned to find out how you can enter to win a written feature on my site as well as take home some free handcrafted Tarot Tools from my shop!

Ready to do some journaling? Our first journal prompt is to write down our spontaneous musings about The Fool. Where does your mind take you when you look at this card?


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Until next time, Namaste and Blessed Be!


9 thoughts on “The Fool’s Journey Video 4: The Fool

  1. A cliff! He’s standing on a cliff! Do I see this so prominently because I feel like I am standing at cliff’s edge myself? The ledge seems to loom large and take up more than only the bottom quarter of the card. Someone once told me that you can look at the same Tarot card every day and see something different each time…
    A few summers ago I worked part-time in a delightful kite & gift shop on the coast of Oregon. The owner was a woman originally from California, who had a twinkle in her eye and a sense of the mystic floating around her. She introduced me to Oracle cards and explained her practice of reading them intuitively – she didn’t look only for rote symbols and meaning but let a new image or color or feeling jump out at her each time. She gave me a reading it was a very interesting experience.
    I haven’t yet decided completely where I stand on Tarot cards and the like – I believe they have a special power, I just haven’t defined that for myself…and maybe never will! I like your comment in the video about the Fool not carrying “the weight of every little temporary belief system that he’s ever had”. I grew up Catholic as a young child, but it was more formality and duty than actual adherence. Once a certain grandparent died, we stopped attending church and Sunday school. I think through my teen and college years I was desperate for something to give life meaning, for something to tell me the purpose of my life. A piece of popular literature led me to start Wikipedia-ing “Wicca” and “witchcraft” and “pagan traditions”. Like the Fool, I am still searching, in probably an endless journey, for self-actualization and the discovery of the meaning of my life.


    1. Thank you for your lovely perspective! Coming to nature based or person-centered spirituality from a background of Abrahamic religion is an extremely common situation for so many of us! You’re right, it can take years or a lifetime to have a firm understanding of what you believe about a variety of subjects. I don’t completely know where I stand in my beliefs about Tarot or most anything else! I feel that life is always going to be a sort of Fool’s Journey, learning, growing, evolving, and experiencing things from all angles. My choice is to follow my heart… And often to let the cards translate my abstract thoughts into more organized ideas. Thanks again, and I’ll enter you into the entry contest!


  2. You said to look at this card and allow our mind to wander and then posed the question, “Does this remind you of a particular time in your life?” Then it hit me I have had several times like this in my life. But there is one in particular that stood out and as I began coloring the image in the book I had time to reflect on that.

    My husband and I wanted to begin a business of our own, and then a franchise opportunity presented itself to us. Like the Fool we were confident we could do this even though we had no background in this area of business which to me represents the small satchel the Fool carries. We had very little knowledge but what we did have we brought with us. The sun in the card reminds me of the Solar Plexus because at that time we had great confidence and felt we had the power to succeed. We completely trusted our intuition, (the dog) even though many friends and our families’ thought we were “foolish.” We took that leap of faith and literally stepped off the “cliff” trusting all would be well. We were excited to begin something new together in our lives. Like the Fool we didn’t know for sure we would succeed but we were confident. We really didn’t have any fear, just eager anticipation of a new chapter in our life together. By the way, it turned out well.

    Doing this exercise has helped me to understand this card so much more than I did before. I am looking forward to the rest of the journey through the tarot.


    1. That is exactly the type of story the Fool represents! I’m so glad to hear you followed your heart and took on that business opportunity, as well as bonded with your husband over a new project! Thats just the vibe of The Fool!


  3. Standing on the edge of what is safe, what is known and what is comfortable. Looking to the unknown, possibilities and beginnings. Loyal dog, a friend, a comfort, hoping to hold you back from making that absolute decision that will change everything. You can never go back. You can never come back. But he only sees what’s in front of him. There is no second guessing on his eyes. Moving forward and unprepared. But difference and adventure is what he dreams about and longs for. Goodbye old life, old friends, old me. See you in my next life. Splash!


  4. Coincidentally, I just pulled The Fool earlier today. I have a 6-card relationships spread that I like to use for readings when I start out in a new romantic relationship. One of the cards represents ‘best course of action/perspective’ with a resulting bonus card. Here I pulled the 9 of Swords (Cruelty in my deck) and The Fool, respectively. This isn’t the place to explore the irony of how much I worry about pulling the 9 of Swords, but I struggled in connecting the two cards together. Ultimately, I came to the conclusion that the cards were telling me (as usual) to acknowledge my anxiety and baggage and that by recognizing it, I can be free pursue this new adventure as The Fool. As you mention above, I see the Fool as the innocence, open-mindedness, pure-energy of beginnings. As the Fool it is acceptable to take the excitement and make mistakes and learn. I look forward to challenging the anxiety of the 9 of Swords and accepting this invitation to be bold in this new, unknown partnership.


    1. Thank you for sharing your experience! I, too, have been using the Tarot to help me to understand and heal shadow aspects associated with belief systems and patterns in relationships this year. It can be such a useful tool for getting in touch with the parts of yourself that you sometimes avoid dealing with. Congratulations on your new relationship! May it be a comfort and a joy, but also a journey of discovery and healing! Blessed be!


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