The Fool’s Journey Video 1: Law of Attraction


Whether this is your first time looking at a Tarot card, or if you’re a seasoned card reader looking to refresh your outlook on card meanings by reconnecting to your intuition, this course is sure to get you thinking outside the box about divination and how it relates to your personal journey!

Welcome to The Fool’s Journey, your FREE online guide to intuitively reading Tarot cards!

Tarot is one of the most popular divination systems in the world, and there are countless resources online and in print on this rich and mysterious subject… But if you’re anything like me, you may have noticed that it can be frustrating to try and sift through all the mumbo-jumbo and get a basic experiential understanding of the cards, without taking up dogmatic definitions of the card meanings.

As a solitary eclectic witch, I never just copy down someone else’s spell directions into my Book of Shadows and expect the magick to work for me personally. I feel that any ritual must have ingredients and incantations that resonate with my own journey in order to sink into my subconscious mind and manifest results… I believe it’s the exact same way with reading The Tarot! We must develop a personal relationship with each of the cards in the deck in order to fluently interpret the rich language of The Tarot.

And guess what? Getting to know the cards on a personal level may be a heck of a lot easier than you thought!


In this course, we will learn how the “magick” of The Tarot works in tandem with the Law of Attraction, and will proceed to go through the deck, one card at a time, bonding with each one individually. I’ve found that the best way to connect with the cards and begin forming a relationship with each image is (you guessed it) JOURNALING!

Go figure, right? Keeping a journal is pretty much the answer to everything, isn’t it? I’ve been working very closely with the tarot for years now, and the cards are always revealing themselves to me in new ways as my consciousness expands a long my journey. I make a regular practice of writing about my experiences with The Tarot in my GypsyWytch Diary, and I’m excited to share my intuitive method with you!

To take this course, you will need:


1. A Journal

To commit our impressions of each card to memory, we must write down our thoughts in one place where we can reference them again as we build upon our knowledge of the themes of The Tarot.  Check out these GypsyWitch Diaries I’ve handcrafted just for this sort of intuitive journey!


2. Tarot Card Imagery

We will be working with the Ryder-Waite-Smith system, which is the most commonly used deck of Tarot cards. Its best if you get your hands on a real deck (I got mine at Barnes&Noble book store), but if you’re not ready to invest, I’ll also provide images of the cards here on the blog for you to reference.


3. To Join the FREE Course Online

Each lesson will be available in video form, and will be accompanied by a journal prompt. By submitting your email address below, you’ll gain access to our full archive of lesson videos, personal Tarot stories from me, and the chance to win a handcrafted Fool’s Journey Care Package in our monthly contest throughout the duration of the course!


4. An Open Mind

My “psycho-spiritual” approach to Tarot is a lot like ink blot therapy, and is closely related to shadow work… Expect to learn a lot about yourself that may have been buried in your subconscious mind. This course will not teach you to predict future events, or tell you what your crush is thinking… Using the cards as a tool for self development, we will be learning to read our own minds. The Fool’s Journey is a path to know thyself!

Introduction to the FREE Course:


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